Three Things Women Do That Cause Men To Disconect

Women will often contact me when a man is pulling away or starting to disconnect as this is a massive trigger for many, and it can be so hard to know what to do when this happens. 

The things you may tend to turn towards instinctively most often make the situation even worse if a woman doesn’t understand men and the ways in which they operate differently from women. 

I used to fall into this category too. When a man would pull away it would completely activate my abandonment trigger and I would have a visceral reaction rooted in an anxious attachment style. 

Through deepening my awareness, and accessing my natural magnetic sensitivity, I learned how to connect to the deeper security found within myself and stop taking action from a place of woundedness and fear.

I learned how to connect to the innate secure attachment that resides in each of us and approach love and all of its challenges from a space of wholeness found deep within. 

Three Things You May Be Doing Causing Him To Disconnect 

  1. Recognize When You’re Caught In Worry

Worry is when we give way to anxiety and unease; allowing your minds to dwell on difficulty and troubles.

Worry can also become a chronic habit, a way of being and moving through the world. 

It creates disconnection as when you’re caught in worry, you’re not living in the present moment. 

It creates a false sense of stability and control, a sense that if you worry about it enough, you can control the uncontrollable.

It’s actually doing the exact opposite where you learn to release worry and truly embrace the present moment.

This is because you’ve then stopped putting out energetic obstacles in front of you and the thing in which you deeply desire!

High quality men are drawn to women who know how to live in the moment, accept the gifts life offers them on a daily basis, and don’t take anything for granted. 

If a man is talking to you and you’re thinking about how you might lose him, or how you can’t mess this one up, you’re actually blocking his ability to see and connect to you fully in such moments. 

If you find yourself caught in worry, I invite you to bring attention to your breath and your body.

Soothe your system by reminding yourself that you’re safe and that you can let go.

It’s actually when you let go that you send a powerful message to the universe that you’re open and trusting of all the beautiful possibilities in store for you.

Start by peeling your hands open and let the rest of your body follow as you let go and open yourself up to possibility both physically and emotionally.

2. When You Don’t Express Authentic Appreciation

Sometimes we can get so fixated on the BIG things we’re trying to move towards and what a man ISN’T doing, that we miss all the ways in which he is showing up for us and the relationship. 

If you’re focused on why he hasn’t proposed, introduced you to his friends,  or moved things forward, you can often miss the daily offerings he’s making  to build the security necessary to take things to the next level.

He needs to  to feel a sense that he can make you happy and truly feel like he can be your hero just as he is without having to “prove it” first. 

When a man feels a woman is authentically appreciating and valuing him just as he is, he will start to feel safe and confident in her presence.

This brings out the masculinity in him and allows him the freedom to give from a full heart.

When a woman is chronically disappointed, she tends to create more of the same.

He feels this and doesn’t feel inspired to give to a woman who has an energy of needing “more” to feel happy or content in the relationship.

3. Being Negative Or Reacting To Feelings Of Low Self Worth

If your inner world is heavy, you can’t help but see the external world from this clouded lens. If you feel negative or unworthy of a man, it doesn’t take much to get triggered and find evidence to support this story. 

Same is true in reverse.

If you feel light and positive on the inside, you’ll find evidence to support this externally.

Your interactions more often than not will then contribute to a deeper feeling of trust, harmony, and joy that all is unfolding perfectly for you. 

You can begin to manage and take control over negative feelings and low self worth by slowing down enough to notice that you’re not in a neutral space.

You then can choose to pause and allow the negative emotions to pass versus take action from them.

All emotions are fluid and will pass, you will feel so confident and magnetic if you learn to find neutrality in the body versus reacting to feelings of low self worth from within.

When you feel like you’ve filled up your tank some and aren’t reacting to yourself it’s then that he feels like he’s with a high value woman who he can connect to.

He begins to feel safe and at home when with you.

If a woman isn’t aware of her inner voice and how that’s influencing her perspective, she’ll often end up self-sabotaging as he has no way to connect to you in this space. 

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