Three Ways To Bring Back Your Magnetic Feminine Qualities

I’ve heard from many of you the challenges around letting go and trusting in what you can’t see yet. The fear and distrust that comes up around stepping into the unknown so that the path can be revealed. We want a guarantee, we don’t want to have to face uncertainty, vulnerability, or rejection!

In an effort to avoid such uncomfortable emotions, it can feel so much easier to revert to doing and defaulting to action mode in a more yang, masculine, and linear way. It gives us a sense of temporary safety and control. The only way to truly transform our life though is to dip our toe into the possibility and the knowing that lives within each of us. 

The feminine is about openness and un-layering; it’s a realization and a remembrance found within. It’s knowing that your worth is never something to be achieved, rather it is what you already hold and are simply being asked to remember within.

I think what has helped me the most in my own reconnection to the feminine, as well as my healing and surrendering practice, is connecting to the truth that I am already whole and worthy.

I simply have to remember and choose this in my life again and again.

This allows me to approach challenges and areas where I feel intimidated from a place of knowing I’m enough within.

As I anchor in my own worthiness and deservingness, I naturally hold space for myself to stay open and receive. This also allows me to deepen the trust within myself and therefore feel safe to trust in the masculine.

We of course want to be discerning and not blindly put our trust and faith in situations where it feels unsafe to do so. 

Consider there is a big difference between being fearful and being cautious.

Fear tends to be irrational, whereas being cautious allows us to assess a situation and make good choices as a result of slowing down to pay attention.

Discernment is key.

The more we trust ourselves, the more we can naturally allow and sink back into our feminine energy. 

Below I will share three ways to bring back your innate feminine qualities that support you in stepping into the unknown to magnetize the life and love you desire. 

  1. Identify If Your Masculine Energy Is In Overdrive

I hear from so many the pressure to do, produce, and keep up.

If this is the energetic space that is leading it is likely your masculine side is in overdrive! 

In most traditional jobs and education, what you can achieve is the focus and what is rewarded. 

Because of this, it is easy to discard your softer, creative, yin qualities. 

When you are aligned with your feminine energy, you are so much more impactful than the energy of trying to “push through.” 

Taking a step back to ensure whatever it is you’re doing feels in flow and connects you to a foundation of pleasure and ease is key in knowing whether or not you’re connected in the moment to your feminine energy or not. 

Masculine men are naturally drawn to this energy.

We’ve all seen this play out in the movies, where the man feels lost in his relationship with a controlling, hard, and serious woman.

He then feels deeper into who he is when exposed to a soft, playful, and present woman.

It isn’t about needing to do or be something, it is about turning inward to tap into the natural feminine essence of who you really are. 

2. Identify A Special Space In Your Home

One of my teachers taught me the importance of cultivating a sacred space for quiet and connection in my home.

It is a space that invites my mind to quiet and to connect to a sense of ease and safety within. 

I have a little spot with a mirror and a yoga bolster where I simply sit to observe my state, settle my mind, and check in with what I need to be in balance. 

If we make it a daily practice to do this, the space you take action from with men, and with anything else that feels emotional or sensitive, will be dramatically different. 

This is because you’re not letting the overdrive of masculine lead you!

You will allow all of those urgent emotions to come up and come out first.

You’ll find that what is underneath all that intensity feels so much softer and open.

This will be felt in all of your interactions. We often think we can hide our “edge” or our energy, yet I have found the only person we’re typically fooling is ourselves. 

What you inspire in the masculine will be dramatically different.  Instead of igniting a competitive instinctual side in a man, you will activate his loving, protective, and generous side. 

3. Believe In The Power Of Your Feminine Magnetism

We attract based on who we are being. 

We stop taking action from scarcity and survival and put this higher energy out there. 

It doesn’t matter if we can get away with it or not, if we know it isn’t rooted in honesty and integrity, we don’t want it. 

We begin to make the way we feel the highest priority. 

We recognize that the more we feel love, possibility, and abundance, the more we’re going to attract this in the masculine. 

Even if you’re single and there is no man in sight, connecting to the way you’ll feel when he arrives right now, is the very energy that draws your desires in. 

I invite you to practice accessing and drawing out your feminine qualities in these three ways. 

I have no doubt you’ll feel distinctly lighter, more hopeful, and more connected to the truth of who you are. 

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