Three Ways To Deepen Your Magnetic Sensitivity



A high-quality, masculine man is drawn to the soft, open, and playful energy of the feminine. He wants to be around a woman who lights up his inner little boy and naturally draws out the most beautiful, authentic, and sacred parts of who he truly is.

This is found deep within; it’s the most natural and joyful part of who we are. This is what I call a woman’s magnetic sensitivity and this is accessed in the non-doing versus the doing.

When I work with women who have spent a lot of time working on excelling in their careers, parenting, or achieving goals, they have difficulty connecting to this innate side of themselves.

They don’t  see the value in this part of themselves and as a result, it becomes turned off, buried, and hidden underneath the gratification of doing and the thrill attached to achieving, succeeding, and making things happen.

The one constant with this type of achievement-based personality is that it doesn’t translate well when it comes to love.

I’ll receive comments and questions like:

  • “Why is this one area of my life so hard?”
  • “I have everything a man could possibly want, what is the problem?”
  • “I have worked so hard on myself, what else do I need to DO?”
  • “I don’t need anything from a man, I take care of everything and it’s still not enough.”

When a woman becomes imbalanced in this way — all Yang and no Yin — she becomes less alluring to a high-quality, masculine man.

High-quality men are drawn to a woman who can take care of herself but leaves space for him to feel like he can offer value to her already full life in a unique and impactful way.

When a woman learns how to access this part of herself, she draws out the best aspects of the masculine authentically and beautifully.

When a woman learns to identify when she’s operating under her masculine side, she starts to increase her awareness around when she’s caught in her head, and questions if that’s serving her or necessary in the given situation.

Magnetic sensitivity is about accessing your truest self and letting that guide all of your interactions in love and intimacy.

This starts with your willingness to access who you truly are at a deeper level and gently examine the underlying belief systems that have held you back from embodying this part of you fully.

Three Ways To Start Deepening Your Natural Magnetic Sensitivity

1. Notice What You Instinctively Try To Hide

There are constant opportunities to be vulnerable and to reveal ourselves, yet we don’t often see this because we’re moving too fast or we’re in our masculine energy trying to keep things going.
When a woman commits to slowing herself down though, she starts to see all of the little ways in which she can choose to connect or where she chooses to stay stuck in the clever and comfortable ways where she can hide.

Slowing down naturally creates vulnerability because it’s in the slowing down that we have to hold space for the unknown. An example of this is in conversations where we confront the dreaded pause. Those few awkward yet brief moments where no one’s talking! Instead of quickly picking up the ball to mask that pesky vulnerable feeling that comes with a moment of silence, we instead create the space to sink into it, feel it, and allow ourselves to share what’s underneath the knee jerk reaction of filling in the gap.

2. Notice What Shows Up In The Body

Before taking action, notice what’s showing up in your body. Urgency? Fear? Anxiety? I invite you to feel these emotions and let them pass first.

You’ll quickly notice your responses to men as well as other situations will be a lot different as you get into the habit of doing this!

By dropping in your body, you’ve allowed your default masculine energy to pass and now begin to tap into what’s underneath it. This is where he starts to feel something when he’s around you!

When you begin to shift out of your head and notice the sensations and feelings that are coming up inside the body, he’s triggered to connect to what he’s feeling more fully when in your presence.

This is what inspires a man to be a man! As you bring this natural part out within yourself, he’ll be able to access a deeper part of himself in your presence.

3. Get To Know Yourself… Intimately

So many people spend the majority of their lives trying to run from themselves rather than heal the parts of who they are that trigger shame.

The problem with this is that when we instinctively try to run from our emotions we find that  wherever we go, there we are. We can move across the country, we can change our hair, redo our house, but at the end of the day until we’re really willing to take a look at ourselves and what we’ve been unwilling to face, nothing can truly heal or change.

When we slow down and get in attunement with our mind and body, we create the ability to look at ourselves, be ruthlessly honest with ourselves, and start making authentic changes that align with the deepest parts of who we are.

When we allow a high-quality man to see us so vulnerable and open, it will ignite the most beautiful parts of who he is at a soul level.

This does not apply to a low-quality man that you don’t trust! We will never feel safe in our feminine energy around a man we don’t trust!

As you allow yourself to face the truth of where you’ve been and start taking steady steps towards the woman you want to become, you gain unshakable confidence, break out of old belief structures, and heal the little girl inside of you that’s been reacting from a place of low self-worth.

If this is something that feels completely foreign to you, check out my e-book Magnetic Sensitivity below to learn how to start unlayering the most natural and magnetic part of who you are.

With Love,

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