Three Ways To Reconnect To Your Feminine Energy


Feminine energy is something we hear a lot about, yet what exactly is it and how can it help us with love and relationships?

Feminine energy is the opposite of the masculine energy which is the driven, goal oriented, achievement based energy that our culture highly values.

Feminine and masculine energies are also not gender specific, yet when it comes to love and intimacy, the polarity of these two energies is what allows a relationship to feel filled with passion, ease, and flow.

I want to share with you why reconnecting to the feminine energy that’s been within you all along, will attract a masculine energy man to you with complete ease, making what once felt difficult and exhausting, no longer be such a struggle.

Feminine energy is what naturally aligns us with the essence of who we are.

When it comes to love dating, and relationships, if we want a man who’s going to take the lead, it’s important that we connect to this part of ourselves so as to not get caught in a power struggle where both partners are trying to compete for the same role, but instead create a beautiful “dance” that compliments and balances out these two opposing energies.

1. Turning Inward

Turning inward is what connects us to what we’re doing and why.

It’s within this stillness that we can then take a closer look at our lives and see if what we’re doing is in true alignment with who we are and what we want.

So often we don’t slow down enough to tap into what it is that we truly want or what’s really driving the actions we’re taking.

We’re just unquestionably taking steps and pushing forward out of fear rather than being in sync with the deeper part of us buried underneath the fears, insecurities, or our past disappointments.

We are unknowingly reacting to a sense of urgency within us without stopping to ask why it’s there and where it’s coming from.

We end up doing all these things that if we took the time to pause, we would see that they’re not really in alignment with the essence and the truth of what it is we desire. We start to notice when our actions are coming from a low and fearful space rather than the deeper part of us that’s rooted in abundance, wholeness, and a deeper knowing that we’re worthy and deserving of our desires.

The ability to get still, and connect to ourselves in this way is critical in accessing our feminine energy.

2. Connecting To Your Feelings

As we discussed earlier, masculine energy is when we’re in the thinking part of us, where we’re in our logical and reasoning mind.

It’s the energy of analyzing, problem solving, making things happen, and getting things done.

Feminine energy again is in connecting to our emotions, connecting to our intuition, connecting to the deeper part of who we are.

When we’re in this energetic space, we’re able to be with our feelings, no longer covering them up.

When we feel uncomfortable emotions, we immediately want to do something with them.

We have this instinctual reaction to start moving pieces around making changes, but they’re not addressing the root of what’s underneath them.

When we learn to be in our feminine energy and weather our emotional storms, the beauty of what’s on the other side is where our answer lies.

This is where the clarity is that we’re seeking.

It’s where we connect again to our confidence, our ability to be emotionally resilient, as well as tap into our innate wisdom and perspective.

The feminine energy accesses the part of us that already knows that no matter what we’re facing, we can get through it.

We don’t have to start reacting and intervening because it’s within our ability to be with strong emotions (and access what’s underneath them) that allows us to find the answer independent of what another person is doing or not doing.

It’s what gives us that confidence to know that no matter what everything’s working out in it’s own time and space.

When you face an emotional storm and you truly weather it, rather than putting it on someone else or playing a game of hot potato with it, we learn how to know ourselves intimately.

This then invites more intimacy and connection in with the polar masculine energy.

There is a palpable energy of wholeness as you become rooted in something deeper, no longer needing to play puppeteer or move pieces around in a way that lacks the thoughtfulness and awareness needed for things to truly align.

3. Shake Things Up

The feminine energy is what tells us when things need to change in our lives, even when it’s inconvenient and messy.

When we’re looking at our lives perhaps feeling like what we’re doing doesn’t match what’s going on in our heart, it’s our feminine energy that wakes us up to examine this disparity.

Feminine energy guides us to access our intuition, seeking to match us with the full truth and potential of who we are.

The feminine energy also inspires us to start realigning.

It gives us consistent indicators that over time we feel more confident listening to as we get to know ourselves more, inspiring us to make changes in our lives.

It connects us to the truth of where we need to be and all the things we desire.

This energy isn’t convenient at all, but there to shake us out of a routine that feels familiar and comfortable, yet leaves us with a yearning for something more.

If we’re feeling exhausted, tired, overworked, resentful, we’re in our masculine energy.

We will naturally crave a way to balance this and seek a way to feel more ease, comfort, presence and flow in our lives.

To increase the sense of love and possibility available to us, we often have to shake things up to align and connect to our feminine energy.

It starts with awareness in building the confidence and the inner strength to hear this part of you.

As we continue to connect more deeply, we respond more readily, making changes that align more and more with our heart and deepest desires over time.

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