Thrive Despite Their Negativity


Thrive Despite Their Negativity

So many of you have shared with me ways in which those in your life that are supposed to be your supporters end up being the ones who create the most doubt.

Whether it’s well intentioned or not, this doesn’t serve us on any level!

This could be related to love, relationships, career, and the dreams we hold for ourselves close to the heart. 

It is a true practice to hold space for ourselves and choose to believe in what we want.

Holding this space requires us to stay connected despite others advising us from a clouded lens that perhaps reflects their own limiting beliefs rather than what is truly possible for you. 

I remember so many different scenarios where I inadvertently got pulled into others’ perceived limitations.

If I had listened to that advice, I’d be divorced and on the path of trying to stay as comfortable as possible rather than taking chances on myself!

I want to share three ways I chose myself below and I hope that it inspires you to do the same in whatever way this speaks to you!

  1. Cultivate A New Mindset

Where are you approaching things from? Are you in a neutral head space or are hidden fears and biases leading you? 

We so often don’t stop to see the ways in which a negative mindset is taking the lead. 

This will leave us approaching our desires and dreams from a frantic or forceful energy that leads to burn out. 

A practice I love to invite in, is to stop and neutralize my emotions and my thought patterns.

I talk over the negativity and open my mind up to possibilities I hadn’t yet considered.

 I quiet the ego and only work with what I know to be true versus taking on hypothetical scenarios and going down rabbit holes of what could go wrong. 

I do this through literally talking to myself, dropping down in my body and connecting to my breath, leaning directly into what feels hard, getting out in nature, or talking to someone I know I can trust to guide me in a positive way. 

It’s when we check our fears in this way, we deal with what IS which then quiets the negative noise that can prevent us from taking a bigger chance on ourselves and in feeling safe with uncertainties. 

2. Build A Connecting And Nourishing Network

Who we surround ourselves with is key!

If we’re around a bunch of Debbie Downers, it’s going to be all too easy to absorb their energy.

When we’re learning how to build a new vantage point within ourselves to expand what we believe is possible, we want to surround ourselves with people that strengthen our visions rather than weaken it!

I remember getting bad advice when I was dealing with challenges in my marriage.

I got advice ranging from getting a divorce to taking action on every trigger and emotion I was experiencing. 

As I learned to work through my emotions and pause as I felt my way through them, I stopped talking to people who I knew couldn’t support me in the way I needed.

I began to lean deeper into self trust and talking with women who were on a similar path as me.

This changed everything because when we surround ourselves with people who want to do and be better, our energetic frequency and point of attraction rises!

3.Expand Your World And Your Personal Vision

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and don’t even realize it. We do the same thing the same way everyday and become creatures of habit almost to an extreme degree. 

Expanding our world means to shake things up!

If you’re reading this and recognize that you may fall into the category of being extremely predictable, I invite you to explore ways you can open up to something new!

This doesn’t have to be anything huge, rather an invitation to widen our lens of what we can experience. 


For me this can mean taking a new art class, checking out a new yoga studio, switching up what I wear or changing my jewelry. 

True sustainable change is found within the little shifts we make. When we support ourselves in doing this, we see new things. We see new people, experience new energy, and are naturally more in the present moment. This allows us to now see what was in the periphery before. 

I invite you to get quiet and see what comes to you as you consider ways to expand and connect deeper to your own personal vision. 

I hope these three tips support you! If you’d like to receive 1:1 advice on how I can support you in making your dreams a reality, book an Introductory Call with me here!

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