Trusting Yourself And Your Intuition

How easy is it to override everything you’re feeling inside and to go with what makes logical sense?

I can’t tell you how many times I have dealt with clients who have attempted to repress their intuition in favor of what google said, a friend said, or what the research they sorted through supported. 

This is how we get ourselves good and confused because intuition is never going to feel convenient.

Intuition is what propels us to move across the country, start our own business, or say yes to the dream others have deemed crazy or impossible. 

I remember a time where I really didn’t trust myself at all. 

I could not make a decision without taking a poll and asking how everyone else would handle it first. 

This left me stuck in my head with confusion, and unable to hear the guidance and wisdom of my own innate knowing.

Over time I made lots of changes to strengthen this connection. The first one was that I stopped taking polls.

I stayed quiet and slowly moved towards clarity within without any outside influence. 

I didn’t share my plans with people until I knew my own vantage point was completely unwavering.

 I had to feel that I needed no external permission, and that I was solid with my decision. 

In this week’s newsletter, I want to share with you three ways you can strengthen your intuition to honor your dreams and connect to your deeper purpose in life. 

  1. Learn To Quiet The Mind

Quieting the mind is critical as if we have a loud and cluttered mind, we’re not going to be able to hear or trust the whisper of our intuition that lives underneath it. 

When we turn inward, meditate, or practice stillness of some sort, we start to recognize the reactive, judgmental, and critical voice within. 

If we never turn inward, we’re spending everyday reacting to this voice rather than recognizing this is not something we want to guide or direct us. 

This is where we begin to become consciously aware of  the critical voice of the ego and get underneath it to connect to the steadiness that lives underneath. 

Perhaps you can even attribute your own critical voice to a specific person in your life such as a mother, father, sister, or brother. 

Your desires are there for a reason. 

Perhaps the people you learned from never knew how to honor the desires of their own. 

Holding space to heal and to walk your highest path has a deeply healing impact on not only you, but the generations of women that came before you, and after you. 

2. Trust Your Gut

Trusting your gut means you are relying on your intuition to make a decision rather than solely relying on logical reasoning or external information. 

This means inner confidence is a must, quieting the noise of other people’s opinions, and not bringing the past or future into your decision making. 

For me, there are three questions I turn to ensure that I am connected to my  higher intuitive wisdom: 

What would I do if I weren’t feeling scared?

Am I in this moment fully without narrating it through the lens of my past or future worries?

If I had no access to anything but what lives inside of me, what would I do?

I invite you to journal and play with these prompts as a way to deepen your own clarity on what is guiding you, faith or fear? 

3. Practice And Reflection

There are so many different ways to ground and center ourselves. 

This is absolutely key as it’s our intuition that offers us NEW  insights and wisdom rather than pulling only from past memories, beliefs, or experiences to make present moment decisions.

 I have found the most valuable skill is to stay open minded. 

Be open to thinking differently and letting go of rigid attachments or fear based thinking. 

Secondly, embrace uncertainty! 

It’s okay to make mistakes, we get to learn and grow along the way as sometimes we have to make the wrong turn to realize the right way to go. 

Embrace being a work in progress and do your best as you show up deliberately to refine and align more and more to your heart and the dreams that live inside of you. 

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