Understanding His Hero’s Instinct


Developing the skills to draw out  the most generous, loving, and protective instincts in a man begins with understanding the unique differences between the masculine and feminine. 

I worked almost exclusively with men for a decade before transitioning to the work I do now with women. 

I was continuously blown away by the innate goodness that lives within men, even wounded men, who had strayed far off their path. 

Understanding and honoring the hero’s instinct is the ability to intuitively connect to what is being asked of you to draw out the best in a man. 

This doesn’t have to be a partner or love interest but it certainly can be.

 The practice of love is to have an intuitive understanding of what is being asked to draw out the best in another. 

It’s an opportunity to surrender the ego and to drop down in the body to truly be in the moment. 

Three Ways To Understand His Hero’s Instinct To Foster A Deeper Connection

  1. Listen to his words, body language, and what you feel from him when he is sharing

Listening will allow you to gain insight on what motivates and inspires this instinct. 

Masculine men  need to feel like they can be successful around you, they have an innate need to feel like a man around you. 

We can honor this by dropping out of our heads and truly being in the moment with them. Men feel this intention. 

They can also feel when you’re preparing a rebuttal or waiting for a turn to talk. 

This seemingly small  shift can draw out a very different side of a man. It is quite beautiful to experience!

2. Understand His Values

Since you’re now learning to actively listen, you will be in a position to better understand what  a man values and holds close to his heart. 

Where does he feel compelled to demonstrate his protective and generous nature? 

Understanding a man’s core values, the areas where he holds an unwavering line, will tell you a lot about him. 

Allowing yourself the time to understand how he operates in the world, and observe if he is in integrity will allow you to feel safe with him. 

A high quality man will back his words with action. This will allow you to deepen in trust, while allowing him to feel more inspired to access and embody his hero’s instinct. 

3. Understanding How He Responds To Challenges 

What does a man do when others need assistance? Not in a way that is filled with your own expectations being put upon him, but when nothing is being expected of him? 

I have seen the best come out in men during such experiences. 

This is good information and will allow you to see who a man is as it relates to love so you can make solid decisions for yourself. 

We all have a tendency to put on blinders from time to time, and if we’re hungry for love, sometimes we have a much stronger tendency to see what we want and minimize what we don’t. 

When I was beginning my own journey to heal my relationship with my husband, and the masculine as a whole, I was amazed by how releasing my own expectations of how it should be or what I thought it should look like then opened up the space for him to really shine. 

I was humbled and invited to surrender to my feminine energy even more. 

This is an ongoing and beautiful practice of learning how to water the flowers and stop watering the weeds. 

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