Working Together To Attract Your Ex Back


I hear from a lot of women asking what exactly they need to do to create the absolute best opportunity to attract back their ex or partner that’s gone emotionally cold, how to get thing back to where they used to be.

So often after the three to six month mark, the dynamics in a relationship change. Perhaps what once worked in a longer term relationship suddenly doesn’t anymore. This is when we tend to hit the panic button. We’re left with a man who was once motivated to step up but now suddenly sits on the sidelines seemingly indifferent to anything we to try to do to get his attention or gain his admiration again.

I’ve seen this scenario countless times and it’s one of the most common ways I help other women succeed in love and relationships.

Below I lay out some of the different ways I can support you in attracting your ex or distant partner back, running the gamut from free online resources to online support groups to hands-on direct support from me:

  1. Subscribe to my newsletter below and YouTube channel that covers all the different ways we can start bringing a man close and inspire him to step up to the relationship again, whether he’s physically left the relationship or has emotionally pulled away.
  2. Join my Facebook and LinkedInGroups for a safe space and a sense of community, support, and coaching with me and thousands of like-minded women.
  3. Sign up for my complimentary Get Your Ex Back Webinar to learn how to stop a man from pulling away, how to bring the attraction back quickly, and how to make him curious again to pursue you, not the other way around!
  4. Get my program Attract Your Ex Back, which goes deeper into the ways a woman can start inspiring a man to come back, teaching you exactly what to do and not do to create curiosity, attraction, and to connect deeply to his heart. This program comes with a video, program manual and materials, as well as a full week of personal email coaching with me!
  5. Work with me 1:1 to navigate your unique situation on a month to month basis. My 1:1 coaching will help you change your love and relationship outcomes to transform the way you show up with men and the quality of relationships you have with them!  Read more about working side-by-side with me and sign up for a complimentary call to learn more.

Remember, there’s always hope. If a relationship was once happy and healthy, there’s always the possibility of rediscovering those feelings of mutual attraction and respect. It’s about unlearning bad habits and learning healthy ways to express ourselves and deal with conflict. I’m here to support you in any way I can.



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