What A Morning Yoga Class Taught Me About Love


I was taking my early morning yoga class a few weeks ago and noticed how tight and inflexible my legs were feeling that day. This happens quite often in early morning yoga! I always thought of it as a way of keeping me humble, reminding myself that my 7am body moves very differently than my 4pm body!

In the class, I was lying on my back following the instructor’s guidance to lengthen and stretch my leg out to the side. The problem was that each time I attempted to straighten, I would compromise my opposite hip having to lift up rather than having it remain anchored into the mat to be true to the alignment and integrity of the pose.

I recognized in that moment how my ego was pushing me to do the more “impressive” version that wasn’t true to form by stretching and lengthening my leg all the way out.

The deeper part of me knew this wasn’t yoga and it wouldn’t have been rooted in integrity and self-acceptance.

It reminded me that our unique, innate power isn’t something that’s flashy or impressive, rather it’s subtle; it’s a soft and loving acceptance of where we are right now. Sometimes it may not even look like we’re doing anything as with all inner work, the changes are subtle and less detectable when just taking a glance at what’s on the surface.

Love like yoga is a moment to moment decision to honor ourselves and where we are.

It’s an invitation to be aware, to notice how we’re talking to ourselves and the stories we create around what we’re feeling or experiencing.

While I didn’t look Instagram-worthy in this yoga pose,  I made the in-the-moment decision to maintain what the offering was within the posture, which was to allow, to soften, to breathe, and to open my body up all while remaining true to the alignment and form of the pose.

This got me thinking about love and relationships.  When you’re with a man, do you maintain the integrity of the “pose?” Meaning, do you have the awareness around the subtle unspoken exchanges, the energy balance, and where you might be compromising your form?

If you’re anything like the many women I’ve coached, at one point or another you’ve found yourself compromising parts of who you are, losing your balance and integrity out of fear of not being impressive or being enough, or losing love.

That day in class, I made a choice to stay true to the integrity of the pose, therefore true to myself in that decision. It reminded me that it always feels good and right to choose myself.

It’s a powerful opportunity to connect to who I am and let others see me as I truly am, versus presenting a more flexible or enhanced version of myself.

There are so many daily things we do throughout our lives that offer us the opportunity to find our center, reconnect to the truth of who we are, and accept that we’re right where we need to be even if it isn’t as flashy or glamorous.

Love and intimacy unfold and reveal themselves in our willingness to see how our small and large decisions impact how we feel about ourselves and where we may need to make an adjustment.

We then align ourselves to be an energetic match to what we want, to attract from a place of deep integrity and acceptance of who we are.

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You already have this inside of you, it’s in rediscovering this connection and allowing a man to see it so he feels inspired to reveal who he is too when in your presence.

THIS is what makes a man feel at home with you.

No matter what happens in life, you’ll have his heart and the key to attracting him forever because of your alignment with your truth and integrity.

This is the essence and power of connecting and sinking into your magnetic sensitivity.


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