What Is Inner Beauty?


What Is Inner Beauty? 

I remember when I was younger, beauty meant physical characteristics only.

As a result of this limited definition, I can remember in my 20’s feeling like all of my worth was wrapped around how physically attractive I was to the opposite sex. 

I didn’t have the insight to see that I wasn’t growing the abundant everlasting qualities that truly make a woman beautiful. I hadn’t yet learned to connect to the expansive definition of what beauty is and how to cultivate beauty from the inside out. 

Beauty built from the inside out is a connection to the deeper self, not the more scarce ego definition of beauty that can’t accept the outside changes that occur over time.

Inner beauty can never be taken away and will only grow more radiant over time. 

Inner beauty is one of the most critical components to accessing and embodying your feminine energy.

To thrive in love and relationships, having inner beauty is essential. It’s the “secret” to maintain a high level of allure and magnetism with a high quality masculine energy man. 

My personal definition of beauty has grown so much since my younger days. I now see beauty all around me. I see beauty in a smile, in an act of kindness or generosity, in laughter, and when I feel a woman loves herself. 

While of course we want to take good care of our physical appearance, taking care of our internal world is precious and not to be neglected or underestimated. 

Three Steps To Grow Inner Beauty

  1. Know What Makes You Feel Safe And What Doesn’t

Practice growing your sense of well-being and safety within yourself instead of looking for this externally. 

For example, many women I coach crave the feeling of safety and protection from a man. 

A good question to ask is: Are you giving safety and protection to yourself?

When you’re feeling scared or uncertain do you instead lose consciousness and abandon your inner little girl that needs your awareness and support?

So often it is true that the things we’re feeling desperate for externally are the very things we neglect to give to ourselves. 

When we learn how to meet this need within, we create the space for it to manifest in the external world. 

2. Give Yourself Attention

Your inner little girl needs to feel that she has your support and that you truly have her back.

When old visceral emotions have taken over, the conscious self has exited the room and the emotional body is desperate for love and support. 

When we take time each day to support the child that lives within each of us, we feel steadier and more grounded in our lives.

When challenges arise, we can handle them because we practice loving the core of who we are every single day.

This can look like simply slowing down, checking in to see what’s coming up and staying with your experience, challenging your ego when it’s presenting hypotheticals or making up stories. 

When you don’t abandon yourself and work through it, your inner little girl feels seen and you create a beautiful new relationship rooted in safety and unconditional love. 

3. Develop A Strong Sense Of Self

Developing a strong sense of self means to be comfortable in your own company. To not take life so seriously….

Sometimes when we’ve been great at focusing on the external, the internal is fragile and delicate.

We want this reversed.

Solid and steady on the inside, soft and inviting on the outside.

This conveys that we expect beautiful things in our life.

We expect the best.

We’re not operating from a guarded state waiting to catch the next person who is going to take advantage or betray us. 

This doesn’t mean we don’t see what is, but we’re not living our lives from this limited and suspicious viewpoint. 

Instead, we know who we are, and we know we can handle what comes our way. 

As a result we radiate beauty because this is what it means to be truly comfortable in our own skin.

A man will feel this and it makes him feel like he has won the marathon, that he has the prize.

This practice of creating love from the inside out is the “secret” to attracting a high quality man forever. 

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