What Masculine Energy Men Crave


I get this question from many of you: What exactly do the type of men I’m attracted to want?

Most of my clients are very drawn to men who are in their masculine, who know what they want, and take an active leadership role. 

This doesn’t mean you don’t have a voice.

This is what many women have shared with me that they fear the most when it comes to more fully embodying their feminine energy. 

It is actually quite the contrary because when we give a man the freedom to be who he is without trying to modify or control him, he cherishes us, devotes to us, and hears our desires at a deeper level. 

This must be done authentically, from a surrendered space. It can not be done from a place of strategy or manipulation to make him into the version that makes you most comfortable. 

Below I want to share with you three things masculine energy men want and that can completely transform your relationship with them. 

  1. Respect and Recognition

Masculine energy men need to feel respected in order to feel loved!

I invite you to take what works for you in this post and leave what doesn’t. The truth in my experience with men is that respect is vital to the potency of the connection you’ll have with a man. 

Respect looks like letting him lead in the relationship without questioning him, hovering over him, or stepping in to do it your way.

 It also means taking no for an answer, speaking to him with respect rather than sarcasm or annoyance.

This can be a big for women used to being in control and having things go their way. This will require one to work through a lot of difficult internal emotions and surrender at a deeper level to open themselves up to trust to truly receive from the masculine. 

 Of course I speak of this with an emotionally healthy, high quality man.  This does not apply to toxic men who you do not feel emotionally or physically safe around. 

2.  Freedom and Autonomy

A masculine energy man must feel the freedom to choose you.

 I see a lot of mistakes in this area because many women are so scared of losing a man that they make things as easy as possible for him. 

I don’t mean this in a way where you’re playing games, or playing hard to get, rather that you hold space for your life!

When you choose yourself versus wait to be chosen, he feels free!

He feels inspired to grow with you and take things to the next level. When you wait, accommodate, or make demands it makes him feel like being with you is going to require him to give up who he is. 

3. Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Connection Through Authentic Polarity

The key word here in number three is authentic. Many women mistake feminine energy for being deemed physically attractive  or enjoying activities that fall under traditional gender roles. 

Polarity is deeply nuanced and cannot be put in specific boxes!

For me, polarity is our ability to “dance” with one another on an energetic level.

Polarity is our ability to play with different energies and draw out the best in another. It is a practice of discernment in many ways, knowing where to hold, and knowing where to let go.

For the feminine, this  requires a deep understanding of our triggers, our reactions, and ability to  choose to take responsibility  in a way that doesn’t make a man responsible for our emotions.  

Deep connection with a high quality conscious man requires vulnerability, truth, and surrender. 

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