What To Do When A Relationship Is Falling Apart

you felt anxious and worried because your man has stopped moving the
relationship forward? Does it feel like he is ready to just “throw in
the towel” on the relationship? If this is where you are right now, I
understand and I have been there too.

know how incredibly anxiety provoking it feels when things no longer
feel anything like they did in the beginning and you don’t know how to
get those feelings or the intimacy back. 

If you feel like you have been doing everything to keep the relationship viable without any success, I can help you.

you learn what inspires a man to fall in love in the first place, and
to stay in love- everything changes. You will no longer feel anxious or
overcome with fear that the relationship is coming to an end.

In fact, you will feel the exact opposite. You will feel secure, peaceful, confident, and at ease again in the relationship.

You feel his loyalty and commitment again to you and the relationship. 

When we don’t have the knowledge or tools on what really inspires a man to fall in love and remain in love, we stay on the cycle of vacillating between fear, hopelessness and anger because we know we deep down we deserve better. 


attention to what you have an urge to “do”. Remind yourself that what
we have an “urge” to do does not work. This requires us to pause and
create the change we want from a very different space.

  1. I recommend that a woman stop having the relationship talk. Pay attention to the urge to do this and simply stop.
  2. Stop asking him for anything.
  3. Stop doing things for him as well and put the focus on yourself again. 

connect very differently then men do. Talking about the relationship
will not inspire connection or intimacy with a masculine energy man. If
you find yourself wanting to talk about the relationship I recommend to
stop doing this.

space by no longer asking anything of him gives him that breathing room
to come forward towards you and to pick the relationship ball back up.

longer doing anything for him starts that cycle of giving out of fear
then the resentment that comes when we see we are not getting anything
back in return.

we redirect this focus back to ourselves we stop this pattern. This
allows the resentment, anger and frustration caused by over giving to

As we incorporate these changes, you will notice a shift.

He may start to feel a little less guarded or a little less Icy and cold within 1-2 weeks. 

He may then start to step up little by little and take more responsibility in moving the relationship forward.

This all is demonstrated again by actions not by words. 

When we create the space needed for him to move towards us, we give him the tension he needs to build attraction and desire again.

results of these simple steps are amazing! So many of the women I have
worked with have completely transformed their relationship into one that
they no longer recognize. They feel connected, secure, loved, and
cherished again in their relationship.

Here is what you can do right NOW to change the relationship and bring him close:

Make a commitment to yourself that there will be no more arguing.

This looks like if he starts to bring things up where you know it will lead to an argument:

“That feels bad to hear.”

“I don’t want to argue”

he continues, just simply leave the room. By stating that you are not
wanting to fight you are breaking up the cycle. By committing to it, you
are starting the healing process of the relationship from the inside

Bring the attraction back:

Imagine that he is right in front of you. What is he doing right now?

NOW bring the focus back to you and imagine DROPPING your energy down from your head into your heart.

you’ve visualized all of your energy dropping into your heart, turn
towards your breath. Take a deep inhale. After inhaling slowly exhale
your breath to the count of 5. Continue to do this a few times. After
this, allow your energy to remain in your heart. 


some awareness to your body. Uncurl your toes, soften your knees if
standing, uncross your arms, roll your shoulders down, and unclench your
jaw. Soften your facial muscles and roll any tension out of your neck. 

at him again. What is he doing? Give him a soft look from that heart
centered space vs the head space. He will FEEL this difference.

Try this out and I would love to hear any feedback.

Making a commitment to honor ourselves first and then create small and steady changes produces amazing outcomes.

xx Jen Michelle

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