What To Do When He Is In A Bad Mood

I remember a time in my relationship where if my man was in a bad mood, I suddenly was in the same funk. I could have been perfectly happy, but I would follow his energy or start trying to fix, change, and manage his mood or feelings.
I remember one time my guy got upset with me over me forgetting to pick something up at the store. He got really upset about it and was in a terrible mood.
I didn’t do anything wrong really, I’m human and I made a mistake.
I told him I was sorry and left it there. The old me would have gone on explaining, defending, and fixing. This would of course always make things worse and lead to what he saw as drama. It would cause disconnection.
Now I know better. So, I said “I’m sorry.” That’s it. Then I went and made myself happy.
The old me would have sulked and been in a bad mood just because he was!
By learning not to to give any energy to the the things I have no control over, I notice that things heal sooo much faster!
I don’t have to be perfect, or walk on eggshells. I can choose to be happy, even when he isn’t.
What do you do when your man is in a bad mood?
As always I would love to hear how this feels for you!!!
xoxo Jen

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