What To Do When He’s Moving Too Slow


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Today I want to talk about what to do when a man you’re interested in is perhaps moving at a very different pace than what you’d prefer.

When a man is moving slow and he is taking his time in the relationship regardless of whether it’s early dating to long term exclusivity,  our instinct is to do something to speed the process up to get to the outcome we desire more quickly.

This can look anywhere from taking bold action to subtle nudging along the way.

We’ll often think if we push more subtly, it won’t be noticed, yet masculine energy men  feel even the slightest nudge.

Men are very much in tune with energy at a gut level, he can sense when a woman is open and present versus mapping out the future or trying to push the relationship forward.

For masculine energy men, it’s in his makeup to come from him.

We  want to give him total emotional freedom to set the pace.

If it doesn’t come from him, he’s simply not going to value us in the same way.

Women don’t often realize that well thought out nudges or even big bold actions are slowing them down, blocking them from having everything they desire in the relationship.

The critical piece is to let him set the pace, to let go of trying to control or manage the situation in any way.

We simply relax back and see if he shows up in a way that aligns with what we want.

We want to fill our own  life up with things that feel really good and nourishing to us as women.

This shifts our vibe completely, we’re not giving off an energy of “waiting” or feeling like what he’s giving isn’t enough.

We’re instead intentionally creating a life of our own that we’re falling in love with, not waiting on him or anyone else to make it whole or complete.

He in turn senses this and can’t wait to step up and contribute to an already full and happy woman.

This is one of the most beautiful things that we can do to actually speed up a relationship, even though it can feel completely counterintuitive.

We want to relax back and  allow him to set the pace.

This is  not about  putting our life on hold, rather about taking  amazing care of ourselves,  recognizing our value,  and feeling into things that bring us joy outside of the relationship.

As we relax back, notice how energetically this will shift his focus back onto you in a powerful way.

He will want to move closer to close the gap and get curious about you.

If he feels like you’re pursuing or you’re waiting, he will continue to pull back because it won’t feel good to him at a gut level.

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