What To Do When He’s Selfish


I hear from women all the time how selfish men can be, and how the man they’re dating, or their husband or partner, just doesn’t seem to consider them at all in the decisions he makes.

Perhaps this is true in your situation.
Yet, I also know from experience that when we have labeled a man selfish in our mind, it’s easy to find more and more mounting evidence to support this.

I remember when my husband and I were disconnected, I labeled him as the most selfish man on the planet. 

I subconsciously looked for evidence to support my “men are selfish” claim and I found more and more proof of this on a daily basis!

I remember every time I saw actions he took to support and justify my “He’s so selfish” claim, I would just get more and more angry and upset.
Why didn’t he care about me? Why didn’t he seem remotely concerned if my needs were being met?

I would go down the rabbit hole and stew over what a selfish, mean, bad, whatever you can think of that’s negative- man he was!

This of course only led to me finding more evidence to support my claim, as it was what I was looking to see, so I found it every time without fail. I definitely didn’t feel light or happy. I felt a heaviness, like a victim to his behaviors, and that I wasn’t appreciated or loved on any level.

As I started going deeper with this work of the masculine and feminine energy dynamics, I realized that I had a choice to focus on what I wanted, or I could continue to feel justified in making him bad, wrong, or dismissing him as a selfish jerk.

I decided to take control over myself and my story of what I was so focused on to see if I could get to a space where I could turn things around, and bring back that sweet, loving, adoring man that he was in the beginning.

If you can relate, this video will show you three ways you can inspire him to be the generous and loving man you once knew him to be.

I would love to hear any comments or feedback on how this applies to your specific situation.

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