What To Do When You Feel Like Love Is Never Going To Happen


No matter how much you may try to work on and expand your vibration, it’s natural and human to have  moments where you ask yourself, “What if all this isn’t going to work? What if love is never going to happen for me?” 

It can feel easy to fall down the rabbit hole, but not so easy to climb out of it. 

When you feel this way it’s important to acknowledge the emotions associated with this fear, then have tools to reconnect to your center where you feel hopeful, secure, and grounded in your life and all you’ve created so far. 

Below  are three ways to reconnect to yourself when you’re feeling hopeless and scared love isn’t going to happen. 

It’s also so important to recognize that such helpless or hopeless  feelings are often amplified during the holiday season as we’re facing outside opinions and judgement at a higher level.

It’s key to remember that anyone who is forming judgement around who you are, your choices, or situation is simply reflecting where they are,  their own unconscious biases,  and growth work. I invite you to not take “on” what isn’t yours to own, no matter how well intentioned it is. 

1.  Fall In Love With Your Life As It Is Right Now 

This sounds more simple than it actually is. 

Women have been taught culturally and socially to wait around for love and dreams passively, essentially waiting to be saved from ourselves! 

This is not to say that there’s anything wrong with wanting to have a deep, compassionate, and intimate partnership—whether it’s in a marriage, dating relationship, or something else.

 But passively hoping something will happen to us leaves us in a chronic state of waiting for our lives to happen. 

Instead, I invite you to practice  fully embracing your life right now, just as it is. 

Catch yourself and stop pharming out your happiness to someone else, slowing down enough to take notice in regards to when you’re slipping into this pattern. Consider being so mindful of your inner dialogue and speak to your inner little girl with a new level of  softness and compassion. Example:

I love the life I am creating for myself and if someone shows up to enjoy this life with me then that’s just like icing on the cake!” 

Really look into yourself and think about all ways to embrace and fall in love with your life in its current state. By doing this you can release the vibration of being chronically caught in waiting for something to happen to you or waiting for things to get better for you. Instead, take back your power and intentionally create something beautiful that you can embrace and be proud of right now. 

 2. Undo The Disney Fairy Tale Mentality 

As mentioned above, women are conditioned from an early age to wait around for our Prince Charming to swoop in and save us from ourselves, just like in the fairy tales we watched growing up.

And it’s only after this Prince Charming finally comes around to save us, that we get to be happy. 

Unfortunately, thinking like this robs us of our personal power.  Consider that you can draw in beautiful things and trust that the more that you love and accept yourself,  the more you’re  going to draw in a high quality match. 

When you open yourself up to being surprised and new possibilities, you rid yourself of the tunnel vision of expecting your lives to look a certain way. 

Tunnel vision only cuts us off from all the beautiful offerings that are showing up for you every single day in a variety of different forms.

 3. Rid Yourself Of The Pressure To Have Your Life Look A Certain Way 

Often frustration and negativity doesn’t only come from within you, but from those around you, too. 

When others want us to find love, we feel that pressure. You might think to yourself, “My mom will be more accepting of me, or my mom will love me more if I find love,” or “Aunt Sue will finally see me as having a full life and as being a whole person.”

 This pressure tricks you into feeling like you need to fulfill a picture of a life that others want for you, instead of what you want for yourself.

You are living life on their terms instead of your own. 

I invite you to move away from focusing on what others think we need to make our life look valid, full, and exciting. 

I instead invite you to be mindful in the subtle and sneaky ways one can seek outside approval.

When you make the assumption someone else may know what’s better, it disconnects you from your intuition and the ability to truly trust yourself to make choices from within that serve your highest good. 

You can then reflect and recognize all the beautiful things you’ve already accomplished in your life. 

Radically accept  that your life doesn’t need to look a certain way by a certain point.

Everything is unfolding in a way that is unique and right for you. 

If you are longing for these things and if you are raising your vibration steadily through practice and awareness, then stay open, because you are being supported.

When we choose not to be in the energy of waiting, everything tends to flow with more ease. 

The more acceptance and surrender we create and allow in, the more we’re on the right track for finding love.

 If you are struggling with wondering when love is going to happen to you, I invite you to tune out external noise.

You’ll be well on your way to creating a life—and a love—on your terms. 

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With Love,


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