You hear the doorbell. Or his knock.

Or the Zoom screen is just about to open for your first “date” or a high-stakes conversation…

Here’s what to say and do

When He Walks Through The Door:

All of a sudden your mind starts racing:

What kind of mood will he be in…?

Will he have flowers, or will he be complaining…?

Will there be any chemistry…? 

If you’ve recently had an argument, or this is a first date – you’ve got all the question marks running through your head:

Will he look as good as his picture? Will he like me? Does he still love me? Will he be angry? What should I say?

There’s no end to what we women have been taught to put ourselves through thinking about a man.

And then, once we’re good and tense, or worried, and judging ourselves harshly before he even walks through the door…we’ve set ourselves up for less than what we truly want and truly deserve.

Jen Michelle Coaching
  • What if you could feel completely confident and secure in how you’re showing up with a man?

  • What if you knew exactly what to do to create the best possible opportunity in connecting to a man in an unforgettable and magnetic way?

  • What if all it took was learning a new way of showing up from the moment he walks through the door?

When He Walks Through The Door is yours, instantly, to access right now for only $17.99

When you learn how to feel confident in how you’re showing up, you’ll find your energy is immediately lighter, confidence is higher, and the attraction increases effortlessly. You don’t have to DO ANYTHING. 

You will simply allow your beautiful feminine energy guide you in all dating and relationship scenarios, so you feel completely confident and at ease in how you’re showing up.

The When He Walks Through the Door program will help you:

  • Get out of your head and into your body to turn off the critical “chatter” that prevents you from fully being yourself with a man.
  • Recognize your inner critic and how she wants to step in and sabotage. 
  • Once you recognize your critic’s presence, you get to take back control of your thoughts so you feel sensual, feminine, and high value before he shows up. This will build attraction and allow his masculine energy to move towards you.
  • How to stay in your emotions and out of drama. This looks like diving deeper and learning to connect to what it is your feeling,  and express it in a way he can truly hear and connect to it. 

  • Connect to and stay in your feminine energy to create the energy dynamic needed for him to love, cherish, and adore you in a deep and lasting way. Once you learn these tools- you’ll never go back to the old way!

When He Walks Through The Door will walk you through exactly what to do to lift your vibe, increase the attraction, and connect powerfully to a man by accessing your feminine energy.

When He Walks Through The Door applies to any stage of love, whether you’re dating, in a new relationship,  or want to attract a man back!

You will quickly begin to feel confident – and empowered – that “you’re doing it right” from the moment he shows up. 

Once you learn how to confidently access your feminine energy, you’ll no longer struggle to connect and attract the kind of man you want!

When He Walks Through The Door is yours, instantly, to access right now for only $17.99

Love, Jen Michelle