Why Accessing Your Inner Wisdom Is Key In Love

I will often talk with women in my community about how to move past challenging emotions in order to get to the wisdom on the other side.  

For me, this is one of the most critical components in how I support women in their personal growth, development, and embodiment of feminine energy. 

Accessing the wisdom we hold within is often extremely counterintuitive to the instinct that’s coming up in the moment. 

I remember so many times when I was dipping my toe into this growth work, wanting to do the exact opposite of what would serve me and the connection I wanted with my husband in the long term. 

There were so many lessons learned along the way, mostly through making lots of mistakes and having the willingness to try again. 

Below I want to share three ways you can integrate more wisdom in your love life and why this is so critical to connecting to a high quality man. 

  1. Drop Your Expectations

When you have expectations of something or someone, you’re not present. Men can feel when you’re subtly or not so subtly trying to “get” or “make” something occur. Men feel that subtle “pulling” of trying to get more or extract from them. They feel resistance to this because it sends a message that the present moment isn’t enough and that you’re not living in it. 

It is a powerful energetic shift to move out of expecting or needing, and to simply be present to what is. 

When a woman can show a man that she is content and that she knows how to enjoy the moment without reading into it or trying to make it different, a man can begin to relax in her presence. 

This is a gift to him as well as a gift to ourselves. This will begin to highlight all the little occurrences that we take for granted. When you shift out of scanning for what’s wrong to scanning for what’s right, you move into gratitude which draws in more and more things in your life to feel grateful for. He feels this abundant energy and can’t help but want to be around it!

2. Move Deeper Into Receptivity

When you’re in a lack mindset or expecting the worst more often than not, it’s likely fairly difficult to just be and receive. 

When you’re scared that what you want isn’t happening or may not be possible, it’s easy to start reacting and to feel like you’ve got to reach for it and coordinate how it’s all going to unfold. Fear makes you want to control, and controlling blocks wisdom and new possibilities. 

Practicing receptivity means you’re bringing balance into your life. You’re allowing new information, new insights, and new outcomes to be generated.

You’re only reaching when your intuition is so strong that you know it’s aligned with intention. 

Men fall in love when they’re giving, so our ability to be receptive is key in developing and maintaining deep love with a high quality masculine man. 

Ways To Receive:

Spend time in nature: See the beauty of land, water, animals, and all that is available to you. Feel how supported you are, and that you’re never alone. 

Change the narrative: What if the perceived roadblocks or obstacles you’re facing are a form of divine protection to prepare you for your next steps? Where are you being asked to grow? Where are you being asked to align with what you desire and show up for  yourself first? 

Practice Affirmations:

Bring more intention to how you talk to yourself, to what you say out loud, and where you put your energy. 

Anything we say enough times, we will believe. I invite you to practice short and simple affirmations so you feel more and more safe to trust and to receive in all aspects of your life. 

3. Be Willing To Change Your Ways

Connecting to your innate wisdom requires willingness.

The more rigid part of yourself may feel resistance around making changes or around opening up to different ways.

It can be really helpful to look at the areas of your love life (or life in general) where you feel the most resistance.

This is most likely what needs to change the most.

Are you holding onto anger, a grudge, a narrative that no longer serves you?

Where can you let new light in? I’ve never seen intimacy or love grow when a woman isn’t willing.

Love and intimacy requires you to work through your stuff, despite what we’re often told.

We can’t get to the rainbows and sunshine without facing our shadows.

Where are you willing to face yourself and show up with willingness and openness to go a new way?

These can be little opportunities that present in life everyday in one way or another. 


Choosing to forgive by moving into your body versus justifying a long standing narrative in your head. 

Bite your tongue: Does it really need to be said?

The way you handle conflict: Maintain a gentleness that becomes natural when we choose not to assume the worst.

Get out of your comfort zone: Doing something new and truly expanding your world! 

Accessing your wisdom to draw the best out of others is a true practice. 

I am so excited to share my new program with you called A Week Of Wisdom. 

With Love,


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