Why Affirmations Are A Powerful Tool In Creating The Love You Want


We hear so much about self-love, quieting the inner critic, and being more confident in love.

I’m often asked for simple ways one can be more intentional in showing up for oneself to embody such qualities.

Affirmations are a beautiful tool to incorporate into your practice because they support us in recognizing the things we say and the things we do that don’t align. 

We then begin to recognize these automated habits more and more, creating an opportunity to change them and influence our life and love outcomes in an entirely new way. 

Below I will share three practices you can use to embody the high value woman you truly are. 

  1. Tune Into The Sacredness Of Morning

When you wake up each morning, how common is it for many to immediately jump out and start darting around to get the day going?

Instead of having a mentality of “off to the races”  I invite you to slow down and take a few moments to connect to your body first. 

Morning is a sacred and powerful time to practice affirmations and set an intention for ourselves. We are in a highly susceptible condition and very open to receive at this time as we are in a slower, more open state.

When we jump out and “jolt” ourselves out of bed, we are going from a sleep state to a highly stressed state. It can be very challenging to get the momentum going the other way once we’ve gotten ourselves into a stressed, frantic, or frazzled state!

I invite you to take a few moments to check in with yourself upon awakening. Thank your body for the sleep you received. Take a moment to connect to an intention for your day. A few ideas below:

I am prioritizing the feeling of ease today.

I am safe. 

I am grateful. 

I am open to new possibilities. 

I have plenty of time to take care of everything needed today.

I am worthy and deserving of love. 

I am worthy and deserving of time and space. 

2. Set A Reminder To Check In With Yourself Throughout The Day

It is so easy to get distracted by everything that is going on around us, that we forget to take a moment to see what is going on within ourselves!

Building a practice of tuning into your body, your rhythm, your pace, and the ways you are talking to yourself are really important because the inner child that lives in each of us is paying attention. 

Breaking up old habits and patterns by connecting to what you desire instead is a powerful way to change the direction of your thoughts.

This builds love and confidence in ourselves and is the path to knowing your worth and your value. 

Change begins with ourselves so it can then manifest externally. 

3. Set Yourself Up Well Each Night

Evenings, similar to mornings, are a very sacred time to install new intentions and beliefs. 

Consider that so many people collapse into bed and fall asleep because they are utterly exhausted from a day that was non-stop. 

Consider that even if you have the busiest life and schedule, taking moments in the morning, evenings, and throughout the day are possible so you can set up a rhythm that feels sustainable and rooted in your feminine energy. 

Setting yourself up each night can look many different ways. It can be something long and luxurious or something short yet intentional where you are present and in the experience. 



Listening to relaxing music

Yoga or light movement of any kind

Enjoying a cup of tea

Using a jade roller or gua sha to give your skin a little love and attention

A warm shower or bath

Taking time to wind down and think about what you would like to absorb for the 6-8 hours you are asleep is an opportunity to reprogram the subconscious and set yourself up successfully. 

If you can apply these three intentions to your life, you will begin to step into the life you know deep down you are worthy of! I would love to hear how these three suggestions support you in moving closer to the life and love you want.

If you would like to go deeper in learning how to create balance, ease, and flow in your life, I invite you to check out my Week Of Wisdom offering here. 



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