Why Feminine Energy?

Why Feminine Energy?

It can seem like we’re inundated with information on the topic of feminine energy. When something becomes a trendy topic, you inevitably end up with many different understandings and interpretations. 

In this article I want to share what feminine energy can do for you and how it has tremendous power in healing yourself, your love life, and in  creating a life filled with joy.

Feminine energy is essentially living in truth. It is the conscious choice to stop taking fear-based action or reacting to our own internal thoughts that stem from the ego versus the authentic self. In this embodiment practice we learn to connect more and more to who we authentically are. 

It’s when we learn how to recognize and be who we truly are that we open ourselves to magnetizing a life we desire. Truth is a powerful vibration and when we choose this, we open ourselves up to possibilities that fear or ego would have never had access to. We start to see love and life from a wider lens, the way a child knows intuitively that their dreams are possible before authority programming (Ego) says otherwise. 

Feminine energy allows us to rediscover this magic and find our way back to ourselves. 

Below I want to share three benefits of being in your feminine energy and how this will support you in having the love you want. 

  1. Pleasure Becomes A Priority

Check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling.

Practice being in the present moment and getting in touch with how you’re feeling.

Notice if you’re feeling centered, grounded, and hold a sense of ease.

Notice if it’s the opposite.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Burned out?

Frantic or urgent energy around all that you have going on or have to finish for the day?

I invite you to set reminders on your phone or to wear a bracelet or ring that will remind you to drop out of your head in the midst of a busy day to check in with yourself.

Where can you connect to your breath, your intention, or become more conscious of your rhythm and pace? 

Being able to tap into what it is you’re feeling allows you to start taking micro steps towards making your wellbeing a priority.

It may seem like something so small, but I invite you to not underestimate the power of conscious awareness.

In a world where we’re used to only celebrating huge victories, it’s so important not to bypass small intentional shifts that are massive on a spiritual level. 

2. You Attract Masculine Energy

Connecting to this softer and more loving side of yourself naturally draws in the polar energy of the masculine.

A woman in her feminine energy feels like a respite and a gift from the demands of day to day life that keep one locked into their head versus connected to their heart. 

For masculine energy men, they are so often “doing” all day!

They are taking action, not tapped into feeling or experiencing.

It’s the feminine energy that inspires this connection. When a woman has an open heart, shares from a space of truth and courage, and is connected to the present moment, she invites in the opportunity for him to FEEL and connect to his heart.

In this beautiful experience, all of the competitive and conquering urges are tamed and he feels safe to simply be and feel at home. 

3. You Continue To Release Fear And Align With Truth

So much of what drives action for many women is a subconscious “seed” of lack. 

When you stop to face what’s pushing you to do something and instead allow freedom for life to unfold, you begin to create a new relationship with yourself. 

Things must change internally before they can manifest differently externally. 

When you learn how to truly love yourself and show up for yourself, you create a completely different external reality over time.

You grow in self-love by facing your fears and insecurities versus reacting to them and creating a life from them. 


Practice identifying what you’re feeling and express it in real time. 

This is only something I recommend around a man you trust and feel safe with. 

When he asks you to do something or to share something, practice dropping into your body first. The head is going to want to give a response right away. 

Instead I invite you to slow down and connect to what is coming up for you. 

If it is a request to do something, take a moment to feel into and identify if the body feels more like a yes or no. A yes feels light, open, and more expansive. A no can most often feel heavy, obligatory, fearful, or restrictive.

Practice giving an authentic yes or no with minimal explanation. Keep a softness, an openness, and simply stay present to your emotional experience. 

In sharing something, again, slow down.

What does the instinct want to do?

Unload, vent, complain, show, or seek approval? 

Practice sharing something from your day where you felt something pleasurable.

It doesn’t have to be anything big, simply an offering to connect to your emotions and the deeper knowing of you are underneath all the noise, roles, and optics we so often become accustomed to hiding behind. 

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