Why He Needs Your Courageous Heart

So often in the dynamics of love, we’ll dig our heels in and demand that a man meet our conditions first.

This can provide us with a reason to close off; we can easily rationalize it by saying “I’ll open up when…”

This line of thinking will also leave us waiting on another rather than empowering ourselves. 

This is the ego attempting to keep us safe, and we are heavily in our heads when this sort of dynamic is playing out. 

He can’t feel you at all and therefore can’t feel inspired to meet you, as in many ways when this is occurring, you haven’t even met yourself.

In this week’s newsletter I will share how to open your heart and speak your truth, and why these two things are truly medicine for a man’s soul.

  1. Share With Him From A Full Cup

Our men are not there to save us from ourselves but to contribute to our happiness and well-being in beautiful ways where he feels free to do so!

Consider that sharing from a full cup is going to feel like truth, empowerment, and healing for you as well as for him because from this space you’re expressing rather than extracting from him.

When we share from an empty cup, we are asking him to “fix” things and make the conditions different so we can feel better. 

When we express in ways that are critical or unprocessed, we aren’t inspiring him to be in his greatness! 

The most healing thing we can do in our relationships is speak to what we want or need while also taking care of ourselves. This doesn’t mean we can’t be emotional or passionate, rather that we aren’t making him responsible for what we’re feeling. 

2. Take Self Responsibility

“But what about him?” will lead you nowhere!

The masculine heals through the feminine so focusing on your own side of the street will create the absolute best opportunity for him to begin to own his. 

It is from here you will see what is truly possible with another from a clear and clean  conscience. 

When we jump in the river and muddy the waters in ways that feel messy though, we tend to doubt ourselves much more and therefore can really struggle to trust ourselves and what’s intuitively coming through. 

When we have been showing up in ways that don’t leave us carrying guilt, regret, or shame, we begin to see what is possible and trust ourselves on an entirely new level!

This is the gift of taking self responsibility, by taking ownership of the way we handle ourselves, we trust ourselves to see and FEEL what is then possible with a man. 

3. Meet Him Halfway

As a society, the pendulum can often swing from codependent to ultra independent bypassing being kind and thoughtful towards others. 

While we are all responsible for our own reactions, it doesn’t mean we are free to be antagonistic to our partner or anyone under the guise that we’re all responsible for our own emotions!

This is the mentality often found in ultra independence, a coldness, or closed-offness that discourages us from seeing another from a compassionate perspective. 

We want to be an ally to our partner, and support one another on our unique paths!

Being kind and thoughtful and setting them up to be successful is a critical component in healing and thriving in love!

Choosing to courageously open your heart will support you in softening and freeing yourself in ways that will invite in a much deeper healing and connection with a man.

He has to feel you in order to be inspired to walk his highest path. 

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