Why Men Come Back


I’ve coached and supported enough women to observe that when a woman shows up for herself with dignity and respect, it’s like a man can smell this and starts getting curious again. 

When a woman is strategizing or waiting for a man to come back, she is often met with more waiting as she isn’t truly letting go.

When a woman steps into possibility and lets go of a man that hasn’t truly shown up, her practice of internal devotion begins. 

This is a sacred choice, one that is rooted in love and faith in herself.

In this article I’ll share three reasons men so often come back and how the energy of loving yourself more than the relationship is cultivated in an authentic way. 


  1. You Put Yourself Back On The Pedestal

We’ve all heard this story before! You grieved him, got focused on your beautiful life, and now you are emitting a high value energy.

He is now questioning himself because this energy is extremely alluring and attractive. 

 It doesn’t matter if he’s in your life or not, men can feel this from near and far. 

Only you know if reopening this door is right for you.

It’s key to line up within yourself so you are making choices from a deeper space that is not rooted in lack or fear.

2. He Has Self-Reflected 

When given space, this invites him to self-reflect on his contributions versus continue to fuel the instinct to place all the blame on you. 

When men are given space they open up and are more willing to take a closer look at themselves. 

Once a man has reflected they will often feel the need to clean up their side of things. How you choose to respond depends upon where you are in the healing process.

This is a deeply personal and intuitive space because we want to choose from a space of deep alignment within ourselves so we don’t get back on the same hamster wheel we may have been on in the relationship. 

3. He Realizes The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

This of course is human nature to a certain extent. Men don’t value what we don’t value within ourselves. 

If a man comes back after realizing it’s not so great out there solo, it takes time for trust to be developed again.

This is about making a deeper commitment to yourself that you will not invest or over invest in a man too soon. You will honor what you want and if a man doesn’t want this or wants a watered down version of it, you make the choice to honor you! 

Choosing ourselves isn’t easy, but we tend to get what we’re willing to be brave enough to put out there.

How can you make a choice rooted in love, truth, and faith within yourself?

If you’re interested in learning more about how to truly connect and show up for yourself, check out my How To Create A Forever Bond With Him program here. 

With Love,


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