Why No Contact Can Be Healing In A Break Up

When a woman wants to save a rocky relationship that’s either already ended or feels like it’s on the brink of ending, she’s likely frantically searching for sources of support on what she can do next. This will often start with typing her situation into Google to identify ways she can turn the situation around and draw her partner back into her life, whether he’s physically gone or emotionally checked out.

If you’ve experienced anything like this, you’ve likely come across the “No Contact” rule.

You’ll see all kinds of videos, blogs, and articles on the no contact rule to get your ex back.

I have many women contact me and ask, what do you think of no contact? Will it work? Will he just move on? Will he forget all about me?

My answer to this is mainly no. In fact space is what is often needed to reset things, allowing the bad memories to fade and the good memories to reappear.

When we stop looking at No Contact as a game, or as a mechanism for making a man do something, you start to reconnect to the woman that he fell in love with in the first place.

Three Ways No Contact Can Spark Healing In Your Relationship

No Contact Demonstrates Self Control
No Contact is by no means easy! As women, we’re often more natural communicators, so no contact takes a certain level of discipline and self control.
It’s much easier for most women to reach out, to call or text, share how upset they are, try to make him see it your way, or try to do something to shake some hope and motivation back into him.
Consider all this does though is lower your value in his eyes.
He just can’t respect a woman who appears desperate and emotionally out of control.
When a woman chooses to demonstrate self control and not take action in a way that’s demeaning to herself, she shows tremendous strength, love, and respect for herself.
Choosing to come from a place of self-control and self-respect is difficult!
So often your instincts are screaming for you to do the opposite, to cling tight, and do anything to make him stay.

No Contact Can Reset The Relationship Dynamic

When a man feels at a gut level that you’re not going to fall apart when he leaves, you create a sense of freedom for him to come back and fully choose you.

When you give him time and space, he starts to feel a deeper sense of loss, and reflect on his own actions that contributed to the breakdown of the relationship. He starts to see your value at a much higher level and stops taking you for granted. This can be a beautiful opportunity for a woman to set the bar higher, sink into her own value, and energetically create a dynamic where he feels that you love yourself and know your own value. You start to convey that while you don’t want to lose him, you love yourself more than choosing to stay with a man who isn’t fully invested in the relationship.

No Contact Reminds You To Put Yourself First

If he doesn’t contact you, I believe a woman needs to love herself enough to let a man go. You’ll never truly be happy unless chosen and appreciated fully for the beautiful and vibrant woman you are.
If he finally does contact you, you’ve already been sending a silent yet powerful message that he can’t just bulldoze over your boundaries or do whatever he wants without considering the relationship.
This is extremely attractive!
When a woman recognizes that it’s her responsibility to keep her cup full, she stops looking to him to validate her or make her happy.
She shows through her actions what feels okay and what doesn’t.
This is so much more powerful than talking to him about it. If things have been challenging, he just can’t hear it.

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