Why Strategy Doesn’t Work In Love


When you’re using strategy to find love, your motivations are coming from a place of fear.

When you take these micro-actions out of fear, you are disconnecting from your deeper self and operating from a low vibrational space.

If you can recognize this, you can instead choose to raise your vibration by connecting with yourself and the moment.

Simply take a breath and root yourself in the truth of who you are, which is worthy and self-approved.

By raising your vibration to this level, you are energetically conveying “I’m enough just as I am and I accept myself.”

If you believe you are worthy of the love you want and your actions are coming from a very clean high-vibrational space, a man can’t help but mirror this back to you.

Fear is no longer running the show. 

When you remove fear, everything that has been stopped in its tracks can start to flow.

You can move through that energy and get to what’s on the other side of it. 

By grounding yourself, connecting to a deeper space, and bringing in that awareness before taking action with a man, he’ll more easily connect to you from his own deeper space.

He will feel that beautiful alignment and be naturally and subconsciously drawn to you. When you convey that you love and accept who you are, he does, too. 

Knowing the three reasons why strategy doesn’t work in love opens up ways to draw in, and connect deeper with, a man that’s going to love, cherish, and adore you for the woman you authentically are — which is the most beautiful space to find and receive love.

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